• Tactical ResponseProtexum Training
  • Close Quarter Combat
  • Hand to Hand Israeli Self Defence
  • Anti Hi-Jacking Defence
  • Tactical Shooting and Defence
  • Weapon Fundamentals
  • S.W.A.T. (Specialized Weapons Advance Tactics)
  • A.C.T. (Advance Combat Tactics)
  • Cargo/High Risk Protection & Tactical Driving.
  • Monthly training as a unit operation.
  • Regular briefing and debriefing sessions.
  • Specialized training is provided for tactical teams.
  • Internal Training and Induction

PROTEXUM C I S  is proud to have our own Training Academy. All our employees receive intern training through our Facility and learn their skills and techniques based on the TCS (Tac Combat System) training.


PROTEXUM C I S Training Academy is well established, and have training instructors to train our tactical officers to be competent for their task. They train the tactical officers to be professional in their work environment. All tactical officers and personnel also get induction training in company policies, standards and procedures.

Training is also given on specific site instructions. Tactical officers are awarded with the internal company certificate stating their achievement. Tactical officers not working up to our company standards or specific instructions will be withdrawn from their duties and sent back to the Training Academy for re-training and revaluation.

Training is a vital component in ensuring that personnel are adequately equipped to provide our clients with excellent services levels. At PROTEXUM C I S we realize the importance of providing our staff with the skills development opportunities they deserve and to this end offer them career enhancement plans to ensure their individual growth.

Our training strategy encompasses the following aspects:

  • Internal training & induction establishment.
  • Site specific training and ongoing refresher training.
  • Our tactical officers are specifically task trained and undergo constant evaluations by our Instructors
  • Refresher training is conducted on a regular basis to ensure the company’s prescribed standard of competency is maintained. This also assists in avoiding the “comfort zone” trap.
  • Tactical officers / Guarding on site can be trained in emergency situations as per your company’s “Emergency Plan” and standard operating procedures.
  • All Tactical Officers are fully trained in Israeli Self-Defence, Tac Combat System (TCS)

Polygraph testing is randomly done by a registered Polygraph Specialist on all our Tactical Officers for security and confidentiality reasons. Performance appraisals are regularly done on Tactical Officers to make sure they are competent for their tasks on hand.

We realize that we are human, flesh and blood – no heroes. We train realistically, resisting our opponents from beginning to end with no body protection. Our system, techniques and aggression are at the same level of importance in our training as this is the key to survival.

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