Applying our expert knowledge and skilled personnel in helping clients determine the chance of loss, damage or liability and presenting them with appropriate and practical solutions to help manage or contain these risks.

We as PROTEXUM C I S stand our ground and say once and for all that this has to stop!


We dedicated ourselves to fight back in the most effective way against unlawful wildlife and livestock poaching, smuggling, theft, mutilation and unlawful meat slaughtering. We have the Skills, Knowledge, Unequalled Experience and Expertise in profiling Discreet & Professional Services to Clients. PROTEXUM C I S have highly specialized personnel that has been trained and skilled with hostile environments in mind.

The work of a counter poaching officer is always physically and mentally demanding, dangerous at both an individual and unit level.   Our man tracking counter poaching teams are used extensively in counter poaching, specific operational tasks in wildlife and livestock poaching, smuggling, theft, mutilation and unlawful meat slaughtering and to protect our animals, environment & conservation.

PROTEXUM C I S also have well trained and skilled investigators for the gathering of intelligence, surveillance and tracking of data to effectively investigate abovementioned crimes.   All crime scenes, the obtaining and protection of evidence is of high importance for us to investigate and assist governing bodies to find and properly prosecute the suspects.


PROTEXUM C I S operational methods provides a standard for Combat Tracking and Prevention that covers the basics of operations and the tactics required for officers to successfully carry out their duties of anti-poaching, prevention and operations in the field.  Our standards of operations ensure that all our services will adequately introduce the concepts of law enforcement, tracking, teamwork, conservation, medical first aid, basic firefighting as well as perimeter security, patrolling, crime scene protocols, operations, tactical weapon fundamentals, combat and health & hygiene to the officer.



Anti – Poach basic and realistic training is the most important part of the development of our officers. It prepares them for the actual circumstances that they will encounter during the day-to-day tasks to be performed after successful completion of our courses and deployed in a unit.   Our training method also provides guidelines on how and why to ensure that the functional route and the suite of skills introduced and covered will allow for the maximum safety of Anti – Poach Units during operations.


Our Counter Poaching Security services is based upon Extensive Direct Counter-Poaching Experience and provides a theoretical and detailed background to the prevention and protecting/ combat against poaching, theft and mutilation of game animals and endangered species from a game farm/reserve and/or commercial/small farmer’s perspective.   We explore what Poaching and Anti-Poaching are and we train the Anti-Poaching Units on both ACTIVE and PASSIVE prevention.

” We Are The Voices of Our Animals”




The professional and ethical manner in which we conduct ourselves and our business being mindful of the fact that only through measurable outputs, can we protect and secure animals, our environment and conservation and through that can farmers/game farm owners and nature reserves truly judge Our work.