Close Protection Unit

  1. Event management & protectionClose Protection Unit
  2. Celebrity protection
  3. Close protection – CPO / body guard
  4. Diplomatic corps / bodyguard
  5. High risk operations
  6. Residential / family protection
  7. Kid guard / child bodyguard
  8. Tourism VIP Protection
  9. Tactical asset / cargo escorting

The art and science of providing protection relies heavily on the skill, experience, reliability and commitment of the personal protection specialist. We offer an international standard close protection service. Professional trained C.P.O‘s (Close Protection Operatives) are available to assist our clients with Body guarding / CPO or VIP duties they may have.

In today’s unpredictable world, it is often necessary to take precautions where the security environment presents a high risk. As a provider of close protection services for corporate clients, PROTEXUM C I S has a proven operational capability to provide Close Protection Operatives, coordinators and advisors to accompany senior executives travelling in land or overseas. Our Close Protection Operatives (CPO’s) are fully trained and can be deployed in any operational environment with a complete support mechanism.

All security personnel are registered with the Private Security Industry Regulatory Authority ( PSIRA ) . Each employee has received full security clearance, and has undergone the required training relevant to the level of certification granted by PSIRA. SASSETA and GOVERNING BODIES. Krav Combat System – K C S is a very effective defensive system. This special close combat style is from Israel, but the special unit and secret services of many countries also learn and use it because of its efficiency.
The methods used include firearms, edged and impact weapons, unarmed combat and arrest, restraint techniques. Our CPO’s has to be able to handle all types of different combat situation. They also have the skills not only to hand fight, or to use restrain technique, but also being able to parry an attack with protective driving or during a protective escort.

During these backgrounds we will look into:

  • Criminal Checks
  • Civil Status
  • Shareholdings
  • Involvement in Other Organizations or Businesses
  • Financial Status
  • Marital Status
  • Employment History


PROTEXUM C I S puts the safety of your executives first, by using highly qualified personnel. Close Protection is a specialized task and PROTEXUM is highly regarded and recognized in South Africa as a leader. Having worked in diverse and often demanding environments, PROTEXUM C I S Close Protection Operatives (CPO’s) ensure a confidential world-class service at all times.

Because of this, PROTEXUM C I S provides Protection for high net-worth individuals, VIP’s and executives travelling anywhere. We provide turnkey security and protection services that help you achieve your objectives smoothly and with as little risk as possible.