Private Investigations:

  1. Serious violent & serious economic crimesPrivate Investigations
  2. Matrimonial / civil / domestic matters
  3. Intelligence surveillance & counter surveillance
  4. Private & corporate investigations
  5. Voice stress analysis
  6. Track & tracing
  7. Infiltration & undercover agents
  8. Fraud investigations
  9. Vetting & verification screenings
  10. Criminal & background screenings
  11. Corporate due diligence
  12. Electronic intelligence profiling
  13. Labour relations / disciplinary investigations
  14. Pre-employment screening / vetting
  15. Bugging & De-bugging
  16. Cheating spouse/infidelity
  17. Tracings & profiling
  18. Forensic investigations
  19. Stock Theft

PROTEXUM C I S is a well-established, well situated and professional service provider.   Clients in the industrial, corporate, commercial, mining, tourism, financial and government sectors stand to gain enormous benefit from the company’s combined logistical and strategic skills. Our in-house investigators has a strong understanding of the law and how exactly crime, be it petty, white-collar or organized crime affect the efficient running of a company.   This, combined with sophisticated investigative techniques and up to date technology, ensures that our company is well equipped to handle and advise appropriately on all types of investigative mandates while being cost effective and successful.


Fees are charged in terms of structured costing with specific fees for specific mandates, whilst otherwise charged at a structured hourly rate per agent depending on the level of expertise and skills. Our fees are also mandate oriented and before we embark on any investigation we will firstly submit a cost proposal to client and then await a mandate authorization properly signed by client. Regular reports and interim bills of account are submitted to enable clients to monitor progress and costs at all times and also to interact with the investigation for optimum results.

Usually a report is prepared which may include sections relating to the nature of the assignment, scope of the investigation, approached utilized, limitations of scope and findings and / or opinions. The report will include schedules and graphics necessary to proper support and explain.

More and more of our Company’s major clients prefer to actually appoint us as their preferred investigative consultants countrywide for logistical purposes and also to rather commit themselves to a professional organization which offers all investigative services under one roof.

Confidentiality is maintained at all times and unnecessary embarrassment because of the unethical conduct of unprofessional investigators is eliminated. Our Company has been involved in almost the entire spectrum of business enterprise. This means that in most cases that the consultants have a working knowledge of the business – saving time and money.

Our Company maintains the highest standard of integrity, professionalism and dedication in absolute confidentiality. Research is performed discreetly, if necessary without disruptive intrusion upon the subject of colleagues. Premature or unwanted disclosure of all activities is illuminated by competent management and experienced staff.


We are experienced in investigating incidents of fraud, Criminal & Departmental investigations. We are also working with auditors, attorneys, insurance brokers, etc. to build criminal or dismissal cases.